Prep data from complex documents for use in Large Language Models

LLMs are powerful, but their output is as good as the input you provide.

Documents can be a mess: widely varying formats and encodings, scans of images, numbered sections, and complex tables. Extracting data from these documents and blindly feeding them to LLMs is not a good recipe for reliable results.

LLMWhisperer is technology that presents data from complex documents to LLMs in a way they’re able to best understand it.

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Deeply integrated with Unstract

LLM Whisperer is seamlessly integrated into Unstract, an open source, no-code LLM platform that lets you build unstructured data APIs and unstructured data ETL pipelines. Automate complex business processes that involve a human in the loop from end to end with ease.


Auto mode switching

LLM Whisperer can switch automatically to OCR mode when non text documents like scanned PDFs or images are presented to it, making your life simple.

LLM-friendly output

LLM Whisperer is specifically designed to convert documents in a way that LLMs can best understand. Since best results depend on great input, LLM Whisperer has your back.

Simple API

LLM Whisperer API is super simple to integrate into your LLM-powered applications. Blazingly fast and highly scalable, your LLM applications will fly!